2024 Continuum of Care Calendar of Actions

The Sacramento Continuum of Care (CoC) is a 30-32 member Board, that includes representatives from organizations serving partners with lived expertise and other interested, relevant organizations within Sacramento County. The Sacramento CoC covers all the cities, towns, and unincorporated areas of Sacramento County. The Sacramento CoC Board is responsible for managing community planning, coordination and evaluation to ensure that the system of homeless assistance resources are used effectively and efficiently to rapidly and permanently end people’s homelessness. The 2023 Governance Charter outlines the composition, roles, and responsibilities of the Sacramento CoC, Sacramento CoC Board, its committee structure, and more!


Explore the 2024 CoC Calendar of Actions below. Keep in mind the CoC Committee specific activities are available within each CoC Committee Work Plan. The 2024 CoC Committees Work Plans* will be provided at a later time.

*The CoC Board, Youth Advisory Board, Executive Committee, and the Governance Committee do not have Work Plans.

Check this page for new information and updates. Updated: January 4, 2024.