The Regionally Coordinated Homelessness Action Plan

The Regionally Coordinated Homelessness Action Plan (RCHAP) is the next step in our efforts to collaboratively and strategically address homelessness. Building off the progress made under the Local Homeless Action Plan (LHAP), this plan secures crucial Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) state funding and defines impactful, region-wide solutions. If we go All In, we hope to achieve:


  • A Reduction in the number of people experiencing homelessness
  • Faster pathways to housing and rehousing
  • More equitable access to housing and services across the system
  • Greater transparency and accountability across the entire system


Thanks to the hundreds of community members who came together during our community planning sessions, the All In Sacramento Regionally Coordinated Framework and Action Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness has been approved by the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, and Sacramento Continuum of Care.

Community Planning Review

Public participation is essential to the success of regional planning to address homelessness. A series of workshops for in-depth assessment of current efforts and collaboration on potential improvements took place over December and January. Additionally, two evening sessions in Sacramento provided opportunities for community members to learn about the planning efforts and provide feedback for the plan.

December 19, 2023: Morning Workshop #1

This session kicked off our planning process, introducing the planning process and starting community involvement activities.

Workshop Materials

January 10, 2024: Morning Workshop #2

This workshop built off of the December workshop and focused on small group work among diverse community members to produce deeper feedback

Workshop Materials

January 10, 2024: Evening Engagement Session #1

We gathered with community members to understand current efforts and solicit input for improvements

Workshop Materials

January 31, 2024: Morning Workshop #3

This final workshop focused on refining input and ideas for the expanded Regional Action Plan. 

Workshop PresentationAgenda

January 31, 2024: Evening Engagement Session #2

At an additional evening session, community members gathered and provided input.

Session PresentationAgenda

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