Continuum of Care (CoC) Overview

The Sacramento Continuum of Care (CoC) is a 30+ member Board, that includes representatives from organizations serving individuals experiencing homelessness or who were formerly homeless and other interested, relevant organizations within Sacramento County. The Sacramento CoC covers all the cities, towns and unincorporated area of Sacramento County. 


The Sacramento CoC addresses critical issues related to homelessness through a coordinated community-based process promoting the communitywide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness. The Sacramento CoC is dedicated to a collaboration with diverse organizations that is inclusive of the needs of the homeless population and subpopulations in the geographic area.


The Sacramento CoC Board is responsible for managing community planning, coordination and evaluation to ensure that the system of homeless assistance resources are used effectively and efficiently to rapidly and permanently end people’s homelessness.


Each year the CoC Board initiates a competitive grant application process for organizations that wish to be included in the HUD’s annual Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) competition. Most of the CoC funding received by HUD is used to maintain housing for formerly homeless individuals who were considered the most vulnerable and required long-term support to maintain housing. When the CoC receives additional funding, additional housing opportunities are available for people experiencing homelessness.


HUD published the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule in the Federal Register on July 31, 2012. This interim rule, which became effective August 30, 2012, establishes the requirements for the CoC Program, including requirements for applying for, and administering, grant funds as well as the regulatory implementation of the Continuum of Care and its responsibilities.