Releases of Information (ROIs) and Client Consent

HMIS Consumer Notices and Privacy Statements

The HMIS Consumer Notices (HUD-Funded and Non-HUD Funded) explain why HMIS participating agencies ask for client’s personal private information (PPI) and how it is used to address issues of homelessness in our community.  These documents must be printed and physically posted for clients to see. 

The HMIS Privacy Statements (HUD-Funded and Non-HUD Funded) outline the minimum safety standards that our community has set for how client PPI is collected, used, and protected.  It is strongly recommended that this document be posted on the agency’s website if possible.

HUD Data Standards

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides Data Standards to allow for standardized data collection on homeless individuals and families across systems and regions of the United States.

2024 HMIS Data Standards – This link will take you to the an interactive tool on the HUD Exchange website that will allow you to search the most recent version of the data standards.  Additionally, there are HMIS Data Standards Manuals for specific types of programs.  Those are listed below.

Getting Your Clients Doc-Ready

Here are some of the most common forms used for applications to housing programs, specifically ones that require proof of homeless status.