Sacramento Steps Forward and our partners are always looking for volunteers to help with events and special projects. Your time and care is just as beneficial as a financial donation, possibly even more. Showing you care in person goes a long way.

Many people think of volunteering or giving back during the holiday season, but volunteers are needed year-round. We encourage you to think about volunteering once a month all year, or ask when your donation of time would be needed most.

If you have reservations about working directly with homeless, there are many volunteer needs outside of the typical serving food or helping in service centers. You’re skills can also prove to be highly useful? Can you volunteer your time to help create event signs? Paint a Mural? Start a coat or food drive? Let us know we’re open to ideas.

General requirements for volunteering:

  • Volunteers must be at least 12 years old to participate. Youth younger than 16 must volunteer with an adult.
  • Volunteers under 18 must have signed parental consent

Please fill out the form so we may find the right volunteer opportunity that best fits you. Your time is valuable, and you’re making a huge impact by sharing it with others.

Thank you!!!