Stepping In: Through Lifting Spirits Higher

Sacramento Steps Forward is thrilled to highlight Lifting Spirits Higher, a local grassroots organization founded by Kathy Baldwin. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Lifting Spirits Higher diligently provided meals and supplies to encampments along Roseville Road. Today, they continue their impactful work, serving people experiencing homelessness every Saturday in downtown Sacramento. Led by Kathy and her husband Danny, alongside dedicated volunteers, Lifting Spirits Higher collaborates with local churches and volunteer groups. Read our interview with Kathy to discover her inspiring mission and unwavering dedication to the community.

Describe yourself, your role, and what motivates you to volunteer.


My journey started over 17 years ago after my brother died alone homeless on the streets of Roseville, CA. I knew in my heart someone was feeding him, clothing him, and loving on him. God turned this tragedy into something beautiful by giving me the passion to serve the unhoused in Jesus’ name and by giving me the strength to start the 

Lifting Spirits Higher team. I’m honored to be given this opportunity to serve. God has provided every meal even when Lifting Spirits Higher served down Roseville Road during the pandemic six days a week. Our team was protected like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego [three men who, in the Christian Bible, were protected from being harmed as they were surrounded by fire]! Receiving love taps from God along the way have kept us going strong! I love what I do. 


Tell us your organization’s mission and goals. What population(s) do you serve?  


The goal of Lifting Spirits Higher is to bring hope and love to those who feel hopeless and unloved. We serve between 100-150 guests weekly—regardless of rain, shine, heat, cold—in the Sacramento area. The tools we use to reach the hopeless/unhoused are love, friendly faces, home cooked meals, snacks, treats, water, toilet paper, pet food, clothes, essentials that help during any type of weather, eight yearly holiday and fun gift giving events including photo booths and much more, dependent on donations.  We provide prayer, receive prayer requests, and share with the team for continued prayer. Through the years, building lasting relationships with our guests has been rewarding. The smiles are priceless! 

Share a success story of how volunteers have made a difference through your organization. 


A success story to me is having guests looking forward to us showing up! The excitement in their eyes and willingness to help us set up. Volunteers make all the difference with their dedication, ideas, and donations. It takes a fabulous team like ours to bring love, joy, and hope to those who so desperately need it. 



How can individuals or groups get involved with volunteering? Are there any specific requirements or qualifications? How can other organizations collaborate or partner with you? 


How to volunteer and make a difference? Join a group of local people from different churches, community groups, and organizations to help, encourage, feed and to bring hope to people who are in need by letting them know about the life changing power of Jesus.  

Lifting Spirits Higher is entirely volunteer based. They serve food and other essential items to people experiencing homelessness every week and always need more help and support from the wider community. If you are interested in providing food at one of their events or donating to their efforts contact them by email at

In closing, Kathy shared that she celebrates service by “thanking God, for trusting [her] with the opportunity to love on His children for so many years. [She is] honored.”  


Her journey into the volunteer space is deeply rooted in personal tragedy transformed into a beacon of hope and love for the unhoused community in Sacramento. To Kathy, a successful volunteer always has love, smiles, patience, and an uplifting attitude that will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of those they serve 


Through Lifting Spirits Higher, Kathy and her team exemplify the power of compassion and service in action. Volunteering with organizations like Lifting Spirits Higher is vital for spreading love, joy, and hope to those who need it most. We celebrate Kathy, Danny, and all the Lifting Spirits Higher volunteers for the service they provide!  

April 18, 2024 | Published by Sacramento Steps Forward

The responses above reflect the views of the those interviewed and do not represent the opinions of SSF, the Sacramento Continuum of Care, or our partners. These interviews serve to highlight the diverse contributions of volunteers in the homelessness response system.