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Training Opportunities

Sacramento Steps Forward aims to support the continued training and development of our community’s homelessness-focused providers and professionals. Below are community discussions, learning opportunities, conferences, as well as other training resources.

Upcoming Trainings

Stay tuned for more training opportunities, including the summer 2023 training on domestic violence and human trafficking (details coming soon).

2023 SSF Sessions

COVID-19 Programs & Resources

Since 2019, the state of California and Sacramento County has made substantial progress in combating the COVID-19 crisis through coordinated community response. With the announced end of the local COVID-19 State of Emergency (SOE) and Public Health Emergency on February 28, 2022, there have already been noted changes to COVID-19 relevant activities in the coming months.

Fair Housing

This presentation is about discrimination, fair housing laws, and protected classes. This session also includes exploring how to implement the Equal Access Final Rule and Gender Identity Final Rule so we can create communities that are supportive of preserving family units regardless of how members self-report their gender or sexual orientation. 

2022 SSF Sessions

Housing Problem Solving 101

Our community is exploring ways to improve access to very limited resources. Housing problem-solving is an approach currently being used in communities nationwide. It aims to prevent households from entering the system altogether or quickly exiting them using a strengths-based approach with creative problem-solving conversations, mediation, resource connections and financial assistance.

2021 SSF Sessions

Creating & Connecting: Professional Development Opportunities for the Homeless

This 90-minute virtual session provides you an overview of the Downtown Streets Team and its volunteer program. During this session, staff members of CoC provider agencies will hear about employment support as an intervention for the homelessness crisis and its benefits for participating clients and the community.

Utilizing California Services to Enhance Homeless Programs for Families & Seniors

This 3-hour virtual session introduces you to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) resources and Ombudsman services. This session also discusses ways to integrate these services into current programming and help clients experiencing homelessness more effectively utilize these services.

Intersectional Approaches for Serving Homeless Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Survivors

In 3 hours, we explore ways to serve people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence or have survived human trafficking. We also examine the intersectionality of these community-level issues and share recommendations and provider resources.

Fair Housing:
Policies that Protect the Housing Safety and Rights of Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness

This 3-hour training provides information around accommodations for persons with disabilities and persons with service and companion animals, regulations that protect families with children, and immigrant-related protections.

Mitigating COVID-19 and
Promoting Community Wellness at Encampments and Shelters 

A 1-hour overview of COVID-19 mitigation basics and discussion of recommended actions for minimizing risks for PEH and individuals serving PEH, as well as strategies for navigating potential barriers in our forward progress to be a safe, healthy, and prepared community. 

Providing Trauma-Informed Support in the COVID-19 Era for Persons Experiencing Homelessness

In 1-hour, we discuss how we can help our homeless communities navigate the COVID vaccination decision-making process using a trauma-informed lens. We will also explore opportunities for improving access to health and social resources, and more.

Contact our team at for questions or suggestions regarding our provider trainings. We also encourage you to reach out with any relevant training opportunities that you or others are offering so that we can help share with our networks.

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