Fair Housing: Ensuring Equal Access to Housing & Supportive Resources

March 28, 1:00–2:30 p.m.    Thank you fto everyone who attended our recent Fair Housing training held on Thursday, March 28!   Whether you joined us for the session or were unable to attend, we wanted to ensure you have access to the valuable materials discussed:     Feel free to review these resources at your convenience. Should you have any follow-up questions about fair housing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at trainings@sacstepsforward.org.   Additionally, if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, we invite you to sign up for future learning sessions here. We’re currently planning more educational opportunities, so remember to keep an eye on our website for updates.   Thank you once again for your participation and interest. We look forward to your continued engagement and hope to see you at our next learning session!   We greatly appreciate your support,   Sacramento Steps Forward     ————- People experiencing homelessness are vulnerable to discrimination when seeking housing, including potential separation from family members based on their gender identity.   In this 90-minute session, Project Sentinel collaborates with Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC) and Sacramento Steps Forward to discuss new, updated, and upcoming policies that ensure equal access to housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.   This includes exploring how to implement the Equal Access Final Rule and Gender Identity Final Rule so we can create communities that are supportive of preserving family units regardless of how members self-report their gender or sexual orientation.   This session will also include:
  • Walkthroughs of sample fair housing cases,
  • Resources for providers to help promote client awareness of their individual rights,
  • Ways to engage in the fair housing system,
  • And time for Q&A.
  This session is required by HUD for CoC- and ESG-funded service providers. However, we also highly encourage any homelessness advocates or other providers who serve people experiencing homelessness (PEH) in Sacramento to attend.   Meet the Speakers:   Avantika Rao, a Fair Housing Staff Attorney at Project Sentinel since September 2023, boasts a rich background in legal and social services dating back to 2002, including work in asylum, HUD Housing, employment projects, and immigration. Beginning her career alongside civil rights figure Judge Daniel Foley, she has since excelled in roles improving case management quality in California, collaborating on a landmark labor trafficking case, and mentoring diversity law programs at UC Davis Law. Currently, she handles HUD/CRD filings and dispute resolution in Northern California while leveraging international experiences and local activism to enrich her work.   Jorge A. Iniguez, a Sacramento native, is a staff attorney working with Legal Service of Northern California. He graduated from UCI Law in 2023 with a Pro Bono High Honors award.   Register Here