Partners with Lived Expertise Committee (PWLEC)

About the PWLEC

The Partners with Lived Expertise Committee (PWLEC), previously Persons of Lived Experience (PLE) Cohort, is made up of persons with lived experience of homelessness who come from racially diverse backgrounds and have experienced multiple intersectional barriers to housing. We stand together as the bridge between the system and persons experiencing homelessness. We share our own experience and expertise with others to build relationships and to inspire transformative and equitable change across the system. We recognize that this work comes at high personal cost to every one of us due to personal and systemic trauma around race, gender, socioeconomic status, and host of other factors, and because of that, work together to support one another through this work.


The PWLEC was born from the Racial Equity plan in January 2022. Since that time, it has grown from 3 to 10 members and continues to grow.


Our Duties

Advise on ongoing projects from around the CoC

Identify Barriers to and gaps in inequity

Elevate voices of people with lived experience

Design and propose solutions to challenges

Our Priorities

Ongoing Projects

Our Team

Meet the people who make the work of the PWLEC possible.

Recent Updates & Articles

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