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Our Initiatives

Local Homelessness

Action Plan

The LHAP  creates a cross-jurisdictional unified approach to addressing homelessness across Sacramento County. This three-year plan was developed in partnership with SSF, Sacramento City and County Continuum of Care, Sacramento County, City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency.

Coordinated Access System

The Sacramento City and County Continuum of Care, City of Sacramento, and County of Sacramento pooled resources to create the Coordinated Access System (CAS) aimed at ensuring people needing services have streamlined and clear paths to access the right help. 



Regionally Coordinated Homelessness Action Plan

The Regionally Coordinated Homelessness Action Plan (RCHAP) is the next step in our efforts to collaboratively and strategically address homelessness. Building off the progress made under the LHAP, this plan secures crucial Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) funding and defines impactful solutions.

Sac. Homeless Policy Council

The Sacramento Homeless Policy Council (SHPC) was launched to promote regional collaboration to end homelessness. The SHPC comes together to engage in broad-based, collaborative, and strategic discussions in response to Sacramento’s homelessness crisis. 



Our Core Services

Leadership & Engagement

We collaborate with our partners and facilitate system connections to strengthen our community’s response to homelessness.

Homeless Response System Planning

We support the CoC Board with information, expertise, data, coordination, and recommendations for action, including the Point-in-Time Count and Coordinated Entry.

Coordinated Entry & Outreach

We operate the Sacramento CoC Coordinated Entry System, convene the CoC Board Coordinated Entry, and focus on building equitable access to housing resources.

Funding & Grant Management

We assist with investing and managing state and federal funding, supporting a rigorous CoC public process to decide what activities and projects to fund.

Data Management & Analytics

We administer the Homeless Management Information System. We also monitor and evaluate data to inform new initiative development and program improvement.

SSF Updates, Reports, & Highlights

Check back regularly for new articles and reports from recent SSF efforts, as well as highlights of news and resources from around the community.

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