Disability Pride Month

As Disability Pride Month unfolds, Sacramento Steps Forward is thrilled to join the celebration of diversity and inclusivity. In the spirit of fostering an inclusive community, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some organizations in Sacramento County that provide crucial support and services to those with disabilities.


Sacramento Disability Services:

Sacramento Disability Services plays a pivotal role in supporting individuals with disabilities by offering a variety of services. These include employment assistance, housing assistance, and transportation support. By addressing critical needs and empowering individuals to lead independent lives, they help build a more empowered community.


Resources for Independent Living:

Resources for Independent Living empowers people with disabilities to live autonomously. With a focus on housing, job training, and transportation assistance, they facilitate the path toward independent living while nurturing a culture of self-sufficiency and fostering a supportive network.


Disability Disaster Access & Resources:

Disability Disaster Access & Resources provides essential support to people with disabilities in preparing for and recovering from disasters. In times of crisis, they offer invaluable resources to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals with disabilities. Their proactive approach demonstrates their dedication to the community’s most vulnerable members, safeguarding their rights and promoting inclusivity even during challenging times.


WarmLine Family Resource Center:

The WarmLine Family Resource Center is a community resource for emotional support and information for individuals with disabilities and their families. They foster a sense of belonging and understanding., empowering individuals to face challenges with a robust support system.


Sacramento Homeless Services

Sacramento Homeless Services offers a range of vital services, including housing, food, and medical care, especially helping those with disabilities who are more susceptible to homelessness and providing services specific to each individual’s needs.


As we honor Disability Pride Month, we extend our appreciation to the organizations mentioned above: Sacramento Homeless Services, Sacramento Disability Services, Resources for Independent Living, Disability Disaster Access & Resources, and WarmLine Family Resource Center. As a community, let us celebrate the diversity of abilities and continue advocating for a world that values and uplifts each and every individual, regardless of their circumstances.