Black Business Month

As we commemorate Black Business Month, Sacramento Steps Forward would like to share a collection of online resources designed to connect you with the thriving world of Black-owned businesses within Sacramento. By supporting these businesses, we not only contribute to the growth of our local economy, but also uphold our commitment to fostering racial equity and building a more inclusive community.


1. Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce

The Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce website offers a comprehensive directory of Black-owned businesses, alongside a wealth of events and resources tailored to entrepreneurs.


2. The National Black Guide

The National Black Guide is an expansive resource that spotlights Black-owned businesses across the United States and has a search function that allows you to narrow the directory down specifically to Sacramento., or wherever you may be. You can also use the search function to find related news and events.


3. Yelp

Yelp, a trusted platform for reviews and recommendations, also serves as a gateway to discovering Black-owned businesses in Sacramento. A simple search for “black owned,” coupled with selecting Sacramento as your location, reveals a curated list of businesses. Look for the special icon denoting these businesses as Black-owned.


4. Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t just for finding directions home—it is also a valuable resource for uncovering Black-owned businesses near you. By typing “black owned businesses near me” into the search bar, you’ll unlock a directory of local businesses owned by members of the Black community.


At Sacramento Steps Forward, our commitment to providing and highlighting resources underscores our dedication to fostering an equitable society Join us in not only supporting but uplifting our thriving Black-owned businesses.