System Performance Committee

Meeting Schedule:
Fourth Thursday of the Month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Meeting Location:
Zoom Meetings Until Further Notice


Stefan Heisler and Lisa Bates


The System Performance Committee is responsible for system wide planning to ensure the overall housing and service system meets the needs of individuals, including unaccompanied youth, and families experiencing homelessness. Working with the CoC Lead Agency who prepares the documents and reporting out to the Sacramento CoC Board for approval or adoption, areas of responsibility for this committee include:

  • Mapping how the homeless system of services functions, including inventorying of major programs, services and resources, to inform the Sacramento CoC Board and public;
  • Completing the annual Housing Inventory Count required by HUD;
  • Conducting the annual gaps analysis and presenting to the Sacramento CoC Board;
  • Planning and conducting the Point-In-Time Counts;
  • Evaluating system-level performance using HUD and community performance measures;
  • Reviewing the annual CoC application relative to system performance and planning activities; and
  • Recommending strategies and actions to the Sacramento CoC Board to improve overall functioning of the homeless system.