National Recovery Month: Resource Highlight

September is National Recovery Month, a time to celebrate and support individuals who are on the journey to recovery from substance abuse and mental health challenges. In recognition of this important month, we’ve put together a resource guide to assist you or your loved ones in Sacramento in finding support and services for recovery.


If you need assistance with or information on homelessness resources, please call 2-1-1. The following list is a highlight of important community resources but is not comprehensive and is not intended as medical advice.


1. Sacramento County Department of Health Services (DHS): Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Services

Sacramento DHSprovides a range of services for individuals struggling with substance abuse. These services include outpatient treatment, residential treatment, and support groups. Their dedicated professionals are there to provide guidance and support to those seeking recovery.


2. Sacramento County Behavioral Health Services (BHS)

The Sacramento County BHS, a part of DHS, offers a wide range of services, including substance abuse treatment, for individuals dealing with mental health conditions. They provide valuable support to those seeking recovery while addressing both mental health and substance abuse challenges.


3. Sacramento Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a well-known 12-step program that has helped countless individuals overcome alcohol addiction. In Sacramento, numerous AA meetings are held every day, providing a safe and supportive environment for those in recovery or seeking help for alcohol-related issues.


4. American River Area Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Following a similar format to AA, American River Area Narcotics Anonymous offers a supportive environment for recovery for those struggling with narcotics-related issues. They offer meetings throughout Sacramento, including meetings specifically catering to those with who are deaf or hard of hearing.