Meet the Staff: Wendy Huynh, HMIS Manager

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a local information technology system that is used by homeless service providers to collect confidential client-level data including demographics, history of homelessness and services accessed, and service needs.

As the lead agency that administers the HMIS, we are building a team that values a shared focus on monitoring and evaluating the performance of the homelessness system overall and individual projects. Our HMIS team and the data they collect and analyze can help shape new initiatives and inform changes to existing programs working to end homelessness.

We sat down with Wendy Huynh to learn about her background and what she looks forward to doing in her role as HMIS Manager.



What will you be doing at SSF?
I am stepping  into the role of managing the operation and implementation of the Homeless Management System (HMIS). I am grateful to be in good hands because of the knowledge and talent our team brings in administering HMIS. We are a small but mighty team leading the efforts of providing customer support, technical support, creating new agencies and programs, and everything related to HMIS. There are also several reporting requirements that have to be submitted annually; as we work through our goals of optimizing HMIS, we always want to ensure data integrity.

What motivated you to join SSF? 
Prior to joining SSF, I worked in various capacities for the Los Angeles CoC for over 8 years, specifically in data management with the HMIS, data, and reporting team. My family and I are making the move to the Sacramento area so I want to stay in the same line of work within the local region. There is no better place to start that than with SSF!

What do you wish people knew about homelessness? 
Homelessness is multifaceted and there is not a one size fits all solution. The most visible type of homelessness is the one we see on the streets, but there are many people on the verge of homelessness. I think in order to reduce and end homelessness, we have to also address preventing homelessness. Concurrently, there are systemic issues that further exacerbate the homeless crisis that takes the collective effort of those in power and those doing the work to confront and address homelessness.

What are you excited to do in your new role?
I am excited to continue working in homeless services to support our community and deliver integrated solutions so that homelessness is a rare and one-time experience. Even though I am not working in direct services, I hope that my contribution makes an impact on the individuals and families that need the support.



We are excited to have Wendy join our growing team and we look forward to her contributions to the optimizing HMIS. Make sure you explore our website to learn more about this technology, as well as gain access to additional trainings and support.