Helpful Materials

Sacramento Steps Forward has comprised a library of helpful materials for service providers that are available for download. If you need assistance or have a question please send us an email and one of our staff will reply.

Care Transitions

Care Transition Data Sheet  (form) (submit)


General Forms

Housing Documents Checklist 
Birth Certificate Application (California)
Social Security Card Application
California Identification Card Application
Disability Certification (SSF)

Homelessness History Mapping Tool (SSF)
Third Party Homelessness History Verification (SSF)

HMIS Client Intake Forms

Adult Assessment Form – CoC/ESG Programs
Adult Exit Form – CoC/ESG Programs
Adult Intake Form – CoC/ESG Programs
Child Assessment Form – CoC/ESG Programs
Child Exit Form – CoC/ESG Programs
Child Intake Form – CoC/ESG Programs
HMIS Consumer Notice
HMIS Consumers Informed Consent & Release of Information
Sacramento & Yolo County Agencies Participating in HMIS
VI-SPDAT Coordinated Entry Client Consent Form

HMIS New Agency/Program Setup Forms

HMIS Privacy Security Plan
HMIS Privacy Statement
Inter Agency HMIS Data Sharing Agreement
Partner Agency Agreement
Request to Add New Agency/Program to HMIS
Sacramento Data Quality Plan

HMIS New User Setup Forms

HMIS New User Account Request Form
HMIS New User Agreement
VI-SPDAT User Agreement

HMIS Program Manuals

HMIS Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of HMIS Definitions & Acronyms
HMIS Data Dictionary
HMIS Data Standards Manual

HMIS Training Documents

HMIS Exit Destination Guidance (Revised 05.25.16)
Reminder Checklist RRH/ESG
Reminder Checklist VI-SPDAT
HMIS Training Manual
VI-SPDAT Flowchart
Working With the Referrals Tab

HUD Reporting

e-snaps CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs