2019 February Advisory Board Meeting

Members present: Jonathan Porteus, Sarah Bontrager, Emily Bender, Alexis Bernard, Cindy Cavanaugh, Alyson Collier, Cathy Creswell, Dion Dwyer, John Foley, Emily Halcon, Stefan Heisler, Mike Jaske, Erin Johansen, Noel Kammermann, Lt. Dan Monk, Amani Sawires Rapaski, Lashanda McCauley, John Kraintz

Members not present: Katie Freeny, Todd Henry, Olivia Kasirye, Sarah O’Daniel

Guests: Angela Upshaw, Benjamin Uhlenhop, Christie Gonzales, MaryLiz Paulsen, Nick Mori, Jeffery Tardaguila, Martin Ross, Cynthia Pimentel, Erica Plumb, Sheri Green, Laurence Lee, Stephanie Cotter, Lianne Egi, Randy SMith, Julie Davis-Jaffe, Angel Doney, Londell Earls, R. Trujillo

SSF Staff: Michele Watts, Nick Lee, Lisa Bates, Ben Avey, Tristina Stewart, Chris Weare, Kate Casarino, Rolf Davidson

Call to Order: Jonathan Porteus, Chair, 8:20 AM

I. Welcome and Introductions: Jonathan Porteus, Chair

II. Review and Approval of Minutes: Emily Bender, Secretary
– Mike Jaske: Correction under Anne’s report– Advisory Board understood that the chair of the Advisory Board would have a voting seat on the SSF Board.
– Dan Monk- Correction– under Item A, Daniel Monk and Todd Henry agency is switched.
– Motion to approve December Minutes with corrections made by Dan and Mike: 1st – Erin Johansen; 2nd – Cindy Cavanaugh, MSC. Abstention: Cathy Creswell

III. Chair’s report:
– It’s been a busy month with the PIT Count, Nominating Committee, and HEAP/CESH in the works.

IV. SSF Board Chair Introduction of Lisa Bates, CEO
– Matt Keasling thanks Anne Moore for stepping in as interim leadership for Sacramento Steps Forward. She helped transition smoothly, while making improvements
– In searching for a new CEO, the SSF BOard looked for someone who knows Sacramento and service providers. The Board unanimously selected Lisa Bates.

V. Item A: 2019 Membership
– Emily Bender presents the slate of new members

    • Angela Upshaw – Homeless Veterans
    • April Wick – People with Disabilities and Older Adults
    • Christie Gonzales – Substance Abuse Service Organization
    • Jameson Parker – Business Community & Street Outreach
    • Julie Davis-Jaffe – Employment
    • Lt. Julie Pederson – Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
    • MaryLiz Paulson -SHRA
    • Peter Beilenson – Mental Health
    • Stephanie Cotter – City of Citrus Heights

Motion to approve slate as presented: Cathy Creswell, 1st, Alyson Collier, 2nd. MSC.

VI. Item B 2019 PIT Report Back

  • Preliminary results show that there is a lot more data collected than previous years.
  • Deployed 900 volunteers and covered 600 miles collectively, while collecting 600 surveys
  • 2 deployment sites, eliminating massive wait times
  • A magnet event was held for youth count where 60 surveys were collected
  • Team from Sac State went to Weave, Mustard Seed, and Women’s Empowerment to count families. This was a last minute decision, and something to improve on in the future.
  • PIT Committee to meet later this month to discuss what went well and how to improve in the future.

VII. Item C: HEAP & CESH Update

  • The community is expecting to receive funds for HEAP soon.
  • Currently working with subrecipients to begin projects/
  • CESH: REceived the award letter, but no contract yet/
  • Youth Funds: Wind youth had a recent change in leadership. CIty, County, and CoC met and decided to keep the plan but change to 12 beds of shelter instead of respite. This will be provided by the Sacramento LGBT Center. It is an operational/programmatic change, not requiring Advisory Board approval.

VIII. Item D: 2019 Performance Review Committee Work

  • Emily Halcon Reports: The PRCmet for the first time with the new HomeBase team last month. The committee is looking forward to change in leadership.
  • The PRC formally nominated 2 co-chairs: Emily Halcon and Arturo Baiocchi
  • During the meeting, there was a conversation about the mid-year project review and how there is internal value in conducting it, but there are time constraints. In-lieu of mid-year, a one-on-one TA with providers will be conducted to talk through last year’s applications.
  • The PRC is also going to take a deeper dive into some topic of interest, however, the priorities that come out of the discussion may drive the tool.

X. Item E: Plan for Advisory Board Discussion of Local Priorities

  • HomeBase has committed to help develop and facilitate a discussion within the Advisory Board on local priorities. The session will be held in the first half of March and will be open to guests

XI. Announcements
– The SSF Board was approached by City officials in interest to be more collaborative when it comes to homelessness.

XII. Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 9:40 AM