Agendas & Minutes

2018 October Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • HUD CoC NOFA Competitions
    • FY2018 Competition
      • CoC Application
      • Report Back on Member Input Sessions on CoC & Planning Project Applications
      • Sacramento CoC’s Tier 2 Historical Performance
    • FY2019 HUD CoC Kick-Off
      • Draft FY2019 Business Cycle
      • RFP for Consulting Services -ACTION. Recommendation to delegate responsibility for approval of RFP scope of work to the Performance Review Committee
  • 100-Day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness
  • County No Place Like Home Strategic Plan
  • HEAP/CESH Update & Discussion
  • November 2018 State Ballot Propositions
    • Proposition 1 – Housing Programs and Veteran’s Loan Bond
    • Proposition 2 – Use Millionaires’ Tax Revenue for Homeless Housing Bonds Measure

2018 September Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • City-County-SSF Proposal for Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) & California Emergency Solutions and Housing (CESH) Program Funding
    • Approve Proposal for CoC HEAP ($12.7M) & CoC CESH ($1.6M) Funding – ACTION
    • Designate SSF the Administrative Entity for CoC HEAP & COC CESH Action
  • No Place Like Home (NPLH) County Homeless Plan
  • NOFA Updates

CoC Workshop – State Grants (SB 850) Sept. 6

Summary of Items
  • Welcome – Advisory Board Chair, Dr. Jonathan Porteus
  • Concept Presentation – Sacramento Steps Forward, County of Sacramento, City of Sacramento
  • Continuum of Care Questions and Comments
  • Public Questions and Comments.

Public Input Session – State Grants (SB 850) August 23

Summary of Items

Sacramento Steps Forward, the City of Sacramento, and the County of Sacramento hosted an in-person input session to discuss state block grant funding that will be made available to Continuums of Care shortly.

The session included a brief outline of a potential concept followed by an open discussion period where input was solicited. Written and oral feedback will be used to further develop the Continuum of Care proposal prior to consideration by the Continuum of Care Advisory Board, Sacramento City Council, and Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.

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2018 August Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Ratification of Executive Committee Actions on Behalf of the Board
    • NOFA Competition: Approval of Final Revisions to DV Threshold Criteria & Scored Factor – ACTION
    • NOFA Competition: Approval of Additional Policies for Evaluating Projects Submitted by Victim Service Providers – ACTION
  • NOFA Updates
    • Project Competition
    • CoC Application & Planning Project Application
  • SB 850 HEAP and SB 2
  • Care Transitions

2018 August CES Committee Meeting

Summary of Items
  • CES Committee 6-Month Work Plan
    • CES Staff Priorities
      • Dynamic Prioritization
      • Progressive Conferencing
      • Referral Outcmes
      • System Mapping
    • Additional Topics & Priorities from CES Members
  • Updates
    • HUD TA Request
    • Quarterly CES Stakeholders Meeting

2018 July Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • FY 2018 Scoring Tool Amendment & Additional Policies
  • FY 2018 NOFA
    • Updates and Schedule
    • CoC Application & New Planning Grant Plan for CoC
    • Advisory Board Engagement
    • CoC Advisory Board Annual Business Cycle
  • Veteran’s Affordable Bond Briefing
  • Care Transition Update
  • No Place Like Home

2018 July CES Evaluation Committee Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Introduction to the HUD CES Self-Assessment
  • Review CES Planning and Access

2018 July HMIS & Data Committee

Summary of Items
  • Staffing Update
    • HMIS Administrator
    • Data Analyst
  • Privacy and Security Plan
    • Review of changes discussed at last meeting
    • Approval of Plan
  • Data Quality Reporting
    • Creation of new dashboards
    • Discussion of Timeliness of Data Standards
  • Review of Yearly HMIS recertification Quiz Draft
  • Review of Yearly Security Audit Checklist
  • HUD Reports
    • Point in Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory (HIC) Chart – Submitted

NOFA Input Session: August 1

Summary of Items
  • Planning Project Application Background & Education
    • Administrative Entity & CoC Roles & Responsibilities
    • Eligible Planning Costs
  • FY2017 Planning Project
    • Line Item Descriptions & Budget
    • Data Hub Detail
  • FY2018 Application
    • SSF Plan
    • Member Input

NOFA Input Session: August 15th

Summary of Items
  • FY2017-FY2018 CoC Application Part 4A Matrix Overview
  • CoC Application Part 4A Member Input
  • FY2018 Planning Project Application Update

NOFA Input Session: August 8

Summary of Items
  • FY2018 vs. FY2017: Comparison – Same, Similar, New
  • Member Input
    • Content
    • Partners to Engage
    • Other Input
  • Establishing CoC Discharge Policies

2018 June Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Introduction of SSF Interim CEO
  • Governance Committee Slate and Scope of Work
  • CES Evaluation Committee Appointments
  • Family Unification Program Funding Opportunity
  • FY 2017 Planning Grant Presentation
  • Care Transitions Planning Updates