Trent Simmons

HMIS and Data Analytics Director

Trent has used data analytics to answer research questions in several domains throughout his career, including basic neurobiology, psychology and criminology.  After earning his doctorate at the University of California-Davis, Trent worked with the California Department of Justice Research Center for 3 years where he analyzed law enforcement activities, gang intelligence, controlled substance use and the underground economy.  He looks forward to applying what he has learned to address the homelessness crisis in California. Trent was raised in upstate New York but moved to Utah for college.  He relocated to California in 2014 to pursue graduate school and has lived around the Sacramento area since.  When he’s “off the clock,” Trent likes to teach college-level statistics to students at Sacramento City College, write statistical programming texts, learn new analytical approaches, play board games with friends, and spend time with his family.