Rachael Brown


Executive Director, Power Inn Alliance

Rachael currently serves as the Executive Director for the Power Inn Alliance, the largest Property & Business Improvement District (PBID) in California, covering an expansive 6.2 square miles and comprising over 1,500 local businesses. As a current fellow in the prestigious Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program, Rachael brings a dynamic vision and strategic direction to the district. Over her two-year tenure, she has spearheaded an expansive strategy aimed at elevating regional awareness of the district and amplifying the economic contributions of its diverse businesses. Rachael has actively championed the integration of the cannabis industry into the district, fostered a strong sense of community by engaging with an extensive network of partners, and initiated robust collaboration efforts to bolster workforce development for local manufacturers.


Throughout her career, Rachael has adeptly cultivated strategic partnerships and leveraged her visionary acumen to fortify business communities and attract investments through innovative economic development strategies. A Sacramento native and an alumna of California State University, Sacramento, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and a Master of Science in Urban Land Development. With over 17 years of comprehensive experience in commercial development, including seven impactful years at the Elk Grove Economic Development Department and her current influential role at the Power Inn Alliance, Rachael has consistently demonstrated her commitment to driving sustainable growth and prosperity.


Renowned for her unwavering drive, boundless energy, and astute problem-solving skills, Rachael is dedicated to elevating the organization’s prominence within the Sacramento region. Collaborating closely with fellow community leaders, she actively seeks partnerships to address critical issues impacting the vitality and prosperity of Sacramento businesses and residents.