Sponsor A Program

We are transforming the way providers, donors, and policymakers collaborate to end homelessness in our region. Through innovative public-private collaborations, funding results-oriented programs, and increasing public education and participation, we are making a difference daily.

Sponsoring a program allows Sacramento Steps Forward to continue helping individuals and families with children into permanent housing, and continue to decrease the number of people who are chronically homeless in our region.

Data Analytics and Research Team

When it comes to homelessness, hyperbole rules and facts drool. We seek to disrupt that unfortunate reality with our data team who are on the leading edge of homeless data analytics and research, and will provide stakeholders and decision makers the factual information they need to find real solutions. Costs include data analytics tools, data visualization resources, and staff costs.

Access Points

Newly developed Access Points provide people experiencing homelessness with scheduled appointments with trained staff to learn about resources that may be available to them and to be assessed for housing programs managed by the Continuum of Care. Access Points provide an economy of scale that cannot be matched by the Outreach Teams. Each Access Point offers a unique sponsorship opportunity.


If you are interested in supporting Sacramento Steps Forward programs through a sponsorship or have additional ideas, questions, or comments, please fill out the form.