As a non-profit organization, your support and donations go a long way towards the fight to end homelessness. Your donations are used to help support our programs, address gaps in the system where they arise, and to bolster what’s working in helping homeless individuals gain access to housing, employment, health, education, and other resources necessary for economic stability.

We are seeking donations for the following efforts:

General Support

Its not exciting or glamourous, but someone has to keep the lights and programs operating. General support provides Sacramento Steps Forward with a flexible pool of funding that can be used to meet the changing needs of a community in crisis.

Innovation Fund

Great ideas are free, but developing them, testing them, and rolling them out are not. By contributing to our Innovation Fund, you support the staff time and resources it takes to bring a great idea to fruition. Past innovations include Winter Sanctuary, Outreach Teams, and our new community training program – Ending Homelessness Together.

Outreach Teams

Everyday, our homeless outreach team is in the community helping people end their cycle of homelessness using best practice strategies that have been honed by experience and time. Our team embraces the notion that that every situation is unique and no two solutions are the same. Trust, honesty, and hope guide our work.

Ending Homelessness Together

A new training program developed by Sacramento Steps Forward that activates the people power of volunteers and neighborhood organizations to end homelessness using well tested best practices and regional alignment of local initiatives. Continued operation and our ability to offer the program at low to no cost will require funding partners.Costs include curriculum development, train-the-trainer staff development, subject matter experts, supplies, and program administration.

All donations are tax deductible.