CAS May 2024 Report

Read our May report for highlights from Sacramento’s front door to homelessness and housing services: the Coordinated Access System (CAS). Each month, the CAS helps connect thousands of residents experiencing or at risk of homelessness with crucial community resources.

"I had a client in the CAN program who was initially hesitant about seeking help ... He was a single father of two teenagers, staying with friends in an unstable arrangement, and worried about finding a job to support his family. I reassured him that the CAN program could provide tailored resources and support. I scheduled a meeting to discuss his options and helped him apply for temporary housing assistance and job placement agencies. A few weeks later, he secured a part-time job with potential for full-time employment. This experience reinforced the importance of personalized support and the impact it can have on improving someone's life. By providing comprehensive assistance and addressing both immediate and long-term needs, we can help individuals and families achieve greater stability and success."