CAS December 2023 Report

December Highlights


The Coordinated Access System (CAS) shelters continue their successful run at increasing positive exits, a critical step towards establishing a balanced system. In December, there were an average of 5 Successful shelter placements and 5 households moving into permanent housing every day.



  • For the third straight month, we surpassed 4,000 calls.
  • The median call wait time is below our target goal of 5 minutes.
  • Onboarded Mather Interim Housing – adding an additional 140 shelter units
  • Sustained successful placement into shelter (84% of referrals result in enrollment)
  • Sustained successful shelter exits (37% exit to housing destinations)


CAS Areas for Improvement:

  • Expand access to flexible housing problem-solving resources
  • Actively exploring ways to provide urgent responses to extremely vulnerable households.


Homeless Response System Challenges:

  • Not enough recuperative care facilities. Approximately one in ten clients are ineligible for any shelter due to high medical needs that shelters cannot meet.
  • Train and resource outreach teams to mitigate shelter barriers in the field