Advancing Veteran Housing: Achievements and Commitments from the VASH Process Mapping Workshop



On February 15th, 2024, Sacramento Steps Forward and Community Solutions hosted a Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) process mapping workshop, attended by staff from various veteran service agencies including the Veterans Administration, SHRA, Insight Housing, Volunteers of America, and Nation’s Finest. The workshop aimed to streamline the process of obtaining VASH vouchers, historically a complex and frustrating journey for both clients and providers. Key objectives included mapping out the entire process, identifying pain points, and devising improvement strategies. The workshop resulted in a comprehensive map with final adjustments underway, along with 12 process improvements ranging from document collection to eligibility timelines. The collective commitment emerged to house veterans with VASH vouchers within 180 days by October 2024, supported by specific goals such as clearing 50% of backlogged applications by February 29th and reducing the application to voucher process to 30 days. The event signifies a proactive step towards enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in supporting veterans’ housing needs.