Trauma-Informed Practices: Serving Older Adults Facing Housing Instability

Tuesday, July 16th, 2024 11AM PST


Trauma-informed lawyering and advocacy practices aim to reduce re-traumatization and recognize the role trauma plays in the advocate-client relationship. Integrating trauma-informed practices is particularly important when representing clients facing housing instability.


This webinar will explore how trauma can appear uniquely for older adults facing a loss or change in their housing and how advocates can adjust their practice to accommodate and empower their clients. This webinar will also explore how trauma can impact older adults in a nursing facility setting who may be facing involuntary discharge.


This training will cover:

• A basic overview of trauma and trauma-informed practices, building on our past training that introduced the concept.

• How trauma can impact older adults facing housing instability.

• Trauma-informed strategies to implement when working with clients facing a loss or change in housing.

• Promising practices for trauma-informed approaches to involuntary nursing home discharges.


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