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Sacramento Homeless Policy Council

Launch of Sacramento Homeless Policy Council to promote regional collaboration to end homelessness

The Sacramento Homeless Policy Council (SHPC), which includes elected officials and Sacramento’s Continuum of Care leaders, will come together for the first time on August 27 to engage in broad-based, collaborative, and strategic discussions in response to Sacramento’s homelessness crisis. 

Recognizing that there are ongoing and emerging opportunities where increased collaboration can make a significant regional impact, the SHPC strives to:  

  • Accelerate knowledge sharing and actionable best practices for addressing homelessness in Sacramento;
  • Develop shared policy direction on solutions to address the homelessness crisis; and
  • Champion and promote alignment of coordinated system policies and integrated approaches.

Current SHPC membership consists of elected officials from Sacramento County and the cities of Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova. In addition, the SHPC also includes leaders of the homeless response system’s coordinating bodies, including the Chair of the Continuum of Care (CoC) and the Chair of the CoC lead agency, Sacramento Steps Forward.

Meetings are anticipated to be held 3 times a year, with ongoing discussion and collaboration between community leaders and staff continuing year-round. Although not a formal decision-making body, the SHPC provides a critical space for discussion on how to best inform and connect investments, initiatives and resources across jurisdictions.

Upcoming Meetings:

November/December 2021: Upcoming Policy Council Meeting. More details to come.

Previous Meetings:

August 27th, 2021: First Policy Council Meeting Recording



    1. Welcome
    2. Voices from the Field
    3. Key Elements of a Successful Homeless Response System
    4. SHPC Member Perspective
    5. Paths Forward – Developing a System Level Response
    6. Public Comment
    7. Final Remarks/Next Steps


For more information please contact Scott Clark.

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