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HMIS New User Access

HMIS is a secured system.  All users must have passed a background check, complete HMIS training, and pass their HMIS quiz before being provided access to the system.  Additionally, all Sacramento County HMIS Users must recertify each year, passing a recertification quiz  The infographic below provides a quick look at the new user process.  Click here to open a larger version.  To request access for a new user, please follow these steps:

Click the image for a larger version.

1. Supervisors, please complete the HMIS New User Registration online form.  This will put your employee on our new user tracking master list.

2. Supervisors, please fill out and sign the Staff Verification for HMIS Access pdf.  This document confirms that your agency is requesting access for the staff member and that they have passed their background check.

3. New Users, please fill out and sign the HMIS End User Agreement pdf, which includes rules you are agreeing to by accessing the HMIS.

4. Please have either the new user or their supervisor sends an email to with BOTH of documents attached.  This will allow us to track the documents we receive for this staff member. 

5. Upon receiving correct documentation, an HMIS staff member will email the new user with links to the training material below and directions on how to take the HMIS quiz that corresponds with their requested access level.

6. The quizzes are open book and designed as a training tool.  Upon completing the quiz, the new user will receive a copy of their results and all correct answers to any questions they may have missed.  We recommend reviewing any missed questions to clarify and reinforce the training.

  • If they pass their quiz, they will receive an email from HMIS with their login credentials.
  • If they do not pass their quiz, they will be notified by HMIS staff and asked to re-take it.  The quiz can be retaken as many times as needed to pass.

HMIS Training Documents and Videos

All HMIS users must review the following documents and watch the training videos to complete your HMIS training.  Once you have completed your training, please refer to the email (see step #5 above) with directions on how to take your quiz.  The quiz is open book, so you can use any of these materials to find answers.  If you have any questions about your training, please email the HMIS Department or visit us during our open office hours.

HMIS users requesting access levels that include the ability to complete HMIS assessments (including the VI-SPDAT) must also review these documents and watch this assessment training video.  Please refer to your training and quiz email to confirm if you need these additional training resources.