Ending Homelessness Together

Ending Homelessness Together is a new training program developed by Sacramento Steps Forward that activates the people power of volunteers and neighborhood organizations to end homelessness using well tested best practices and regional alignment of local initiatives.

The program is not exclusive – if an organization is committed to ending homelessness and will adhere to the best practice strategies taught in the program, we invite you to participate.

A graduated selection of training cohorts are offered and correspond to certificates that document a person’s scope of expertise, ranging from basic to advanced capabilities. Our most basic courses are available on YouTube, with higher level training offered through in-person classes.

For more information or to find out when the next live class is scheduled, please e-mail training@sacstepsforward.org.


Course Catalog


Essentials of Helping 100

A thirty five minute publicly accessible training video that focuses on trust, respect, healthy boundaries, safety, and initial steps you can take to help someone who is experiencing homelessness. This is a foundational training for anyone who wants to help. Additional 100 level videos are being developed to answer common questions and provide other foundational information. Visit our Ending Homelessness YouTube Channel today and check it out.

Foundations of Ending Homelessness 200

Four to eight hour live training that provides attendees with the techniques and strategies they need to work directly with people with the goal of helping them end their state of homelessness. Focus on respect, boundaries, trust, safety, referrals, self-care, outreach and in-reach, diversion, resources, and communication strategies. Course design and length is dependent on the specific needs of each cohort.

Foundations of Ending Homelessness 300

Two-day live training that provides attendees with professional level instruction on techniques and strategies to help people end their state of homelessness. Foundations 300 covers Foundations 200 curriculum but in greater detail and trains attendees on how to get a client “document ready” for housing and other supportive programs.

Ending Homelessness 400 Series

The Ending Homelessness 400 Series offers highly specific live training on issues that are critical to helping people end their state of homelessness. Foundations of Ending Homelessness 300 is a prerequisite to all 400 Series training. Examples of trainings include Mediation and Diversion, Mental Health First Aid, Motivational Interviewing, Advanced Cultural Competency, and Advanced Resource Navigation.