Call for Nominations: System Performance Committee

The Sacramento Continuum of Care (CoC) Board seeks to appoint a committee slate of diverse stakeholders that can effectively address system-level performance issues. The System Performance Committee will be responsible for system wide planning to ensure the overall housing and service system meets the needs of individuals, including unaccompanied youth, and families experiencing homelessness. Areas of this committees responsibilities include:

  • Mapping how the homeless system of services functions, including inventorying of major programs, services, and resources, to inform the Sacramento CoC Board and public;
  • Completing the annual Housing Inventory Count required by HUD;
  • Conducting the annual gaps analysis and presenting to the Sacramento CoC Board;
  • Planning and conducting Point-in-Time Counts
  • Evaluating system-level performance using HUD and community performance measures;
  • Reviewing the annual CoC application relative to system performance and planning activities; and
  • Recommending strategies and actions to the Sacramento CoC Board to improve overall functioning of the homeless system.

Membership Expectations:

  • Commitment to consistently attend monthly meetings
  • Capacity to prepare for meetings by reviewing materials in advance of meetings.

Qualified applicants will bring an in-depth understanding of the system component(s) they represent.

To apply, fill out the this Declaration of Interest form.


Nominations Process Timeline:

Date Activity
Oct 17 – Oct 30 Public Call for Nominations. SSF shares call for nominations via email listserv and website. Interested individuals will fill out online Declaration of Interest form.
Oct 30 Declarations of Interest due. Interest forms are due to SSF, who will forward responses to co-chair and Executive Committee
Oct 31 – Nov 6 Co-Chair reviews and selects member slate. Co-chair meets with Executive Committee and they make a recommended slate for approval at the CoC Board meeting. SSF informs candidates of recommended slate.
Nov 13 (CoC Board Meeting) Recommended membership slate is presented to CoC Board. CoC Board approves the System Performance Committee membership slate. SSF informs candidates of approved slate.