Please call 2-1-1 for information and services on homelessness near you.

Meet the Staff: Sundiata Bahati, Contracts Analyst

Our Grants & Contracts Team is integral to the health and maintenance of our organization, including ensuring that CoC activities are in compliance to funder requirements. 

We sat down with Sundiata to learn more about him and the focus of his role as Contracts Analyst.

What does your role entail at SSF?

I will be monitoring the contracts and grant projects for SSF. APR’s, ECF’s and monitoring assessments will also be a part of my job.

What motivated you to join SSF?

I wanted to join an organization where I felt I was making a difference. I enjoy feeling like my job has a purpose.

What do you wish people knew about homelessness?

What they needed. Also how they got to where they are. If there’s anything they need internally to assist them outside of just a place to live.

What are you excited to do next in your new role?

Well I’ve been excited to just make a difference. Working with those in need gives me satisfaction and joy.

Sundiata is excited to be working in collaboration with the community. He looks forward to continuing what is needed to help people in need and also sees the opportunity in offering more trainings.

Check out the HUD funded projects that Sundiata and the team are working with!