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Meet the Staff: Jillyan Sylvia McKinney

Our racial equity work continues to expand with the approval and early implementation of the Racial Equity Action Plan in 2021. We are pleased to welcome Jillyan Sylvia McKinney who will lead us in incorporating the outlined racial equity goals across all areas of our work in the Racial Equity Specialist role. We sat down with Jillyan to learn about what she hopes to achieve at SSF.

What will you be doing at SSF?

As the Racial Equity Specialist, I am responsible for coordinating and overseeing the ongoing racial equity strategies of the Sacramento Continuum of Care (CoC), Sacramento Steps Forward and implementing the Racial Equity Action Plan in order to reduce or eliminate disparities in the homelessness system. I support the Racial Equity Committee (REQC), which is comprised of up to 28 members appointed by the CoC Board to cultivate relationships with organizations that are led by and/or serve BIPOC individuals and seek opportunities to uplift lived experience and strengthen ties with advocates. I will be utilizing my extensive background in equity and education to further this work. 

What motivated you to join SSF? 

SSF has made a commitment to Racial Equity and I am here for it! They put Racial Equity at the forefront of the organization and that is precisely what drew me to the position. I wanted to work in a space that was collaborative, innovative, and centered on equity and social justice and I have found that at SSF. 

What do you wish people knew about homelessness? 

In Sacramento County and across the nation, people of color experience homelessness at disproportionately higher rates because of historic and ongoing inequities. These inequities need to be addressed through innovative practices and humanizing the system.

What are you excited to do in your new role? 

I am excited to work with my SSF colleagues and fellow community leaders to create liberatory spaces of healing and progress. I am inspired by the work that is already being done by the Racial Equity Committee and I plan to support and promote further action to create further change.  



We encourage you to explore the steps we have been taking towards racial equity on our website. If you are currently or are working directly with people experiencing homelessness, we recommend you contact 2-1-1 for more information and services on homelessness. Thank you!