CAS March 2024 Report

Read our March report for highlights from Sacramento’s front door to homelessness and housing services: the Coordinated Access System (CAS). Each month, the CAS helps thousands of residents experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Below is a story from a CAS staff member and a community member they recently assisted.

"This month, I had the opportunity to assist a 62-year-old woman with her security deposit and first month’s rent. She shared with me that she had been struggling with homelessness for a long time. Recently, she found a housing opportunity for herself, but the move-in costs posed a significant barrier. She requested assistance from the PSAP program. I was determined to help her because I could hear the desperation in her voice. It was evident that securing this residence was crucial for her. Together, we gathered all the necessary documents, submitted the application, and began the waiting process. Fortunately, the client was approved, and she was overjoyed when she received the news."