About Sacramento Steps Forward

Our Mission

Sacramento Steps Forward is the lead agency working to end homelessness in the Sacramento region. By using a collaborative, data-driven, outcomes-based approach, we help ensure that individuals and families experiencing homelessness have access to housing, employment, health, education, and other resources necessary for economic stability and an improved quality of life.


Our Vision

To end homelessness by providing people experiencing homelessness with a permanent, safe home, and access to education, employment and other services as needed. Our innovative, collaborative and data-driven approach will end homelessness in our region.


Our History

Sacramento Steps Forward is a nonprofit tasked with the critical mission of ending homeless in Sacramento. Since 2009 we have worked to transform the way providers, donors and policy makers collaborate to meet this challenge. Originally formed as an initiative to combat the immediate crisis of providing winter shelter to the homeless in our region, SSF has since transformed into one of the region’s leading nonprofits committed to addressing the multi-faceted challenge of ending homelessness in the Sacramento community.

As one of the only nonprofit organizations in the country responsible for managing Housing and Urban Development funds for homelessness, we are uniquely positioned to identify system needs within the Continuum of Care and take steps to address them. SSF is committed to producing lasting solutions within our community so individuals and families experiencing homelessness can obtain and maintain their hard-won stability .

Part of this push towards lasting solutions includes the centrality of a housing first philosophy in SSF’s programs. Housing first focuses on quickly moving people experiencing homelessness into independent and permanent housing and then providing additional supports and services as needed. The basic reasoning behind this is that people are better able to move forward in their lives, and address additional factors leading to homeless, if they first have access to a stable living situation.

But in order to move people experiencing homelessness into a safe home with access to services needed to maintain housing and employment we need your help!

By supporting SSF you are supporting innovative public-private collaborations, results-oriented programs, and increasing public education and participation.  Our work to end homelessness includes:

  • continuously evaluating the impact of our work through data collection and performance management,
  • providing permanent housing for homeless veterans, chronically homeless adults,  and families as rapidly as they are ready,
  • providing effective and solution-focused programs such as Common Cents, Winter Sanctuary, and Capital Region Connect, as well as helping to build long-lasting relationships with employers and landlords. 
  • collaborating with service providers to create solution-focused services for all families and individuals experiencing homelessness.